Friday, September 20, 2013

Craft Shows

You can only make so many quilted and crocheted items before they begin to "take over" your space. Every once in a while, it's a good idea to give away or sell some items, to make room for the next creative idea that floats by.

Fall is a good time in SWPA for Craft Shows.  They are everywhere - schools, churches, civic groups, clubs - everyone and anyone can advertise and hold a "Craft Show".  They're fun and a terrific way to meet like-minded people and make new friends, whether you're buying or selling.

The Piece & Happiness Quilt Club participates in several local shows, and I take my quilts, crocheted items, clothesline bowls, and whatever other little crafts I make, to try to sell.  This year I specially made bibs to sell. There were 24 all together. At $6 each, I hope they're a best seller!

I also have several kids quilts that I'd like to see adopted into good homes. I'm going to list them here. If you're interested, please let me know. I'm going to try to sell them at the shows, but if they don't sell, they're available.

Bright and colorful. this one is 54.5" x 41"

The back is also pieced. It's reversible. This one is listed at $65.00

This one is also bright. It's made with 2.5" strips in a random pattern.

Monkeys, dogs, cats, bees...
Finished size is 40"x 46" and it's $60.00

The back is flannel and a soft yellow stripe. 

Softer pastels, but I'm noticing a theme - animals in all of them!
This one is FROGS and flowers!

This is made using one piece of fabric for the top - no piecing. 
Finished size is 40" x 46" and it sells for $45.00

The back is a soft yellow flannel. The quilting is around the blocks on the fabric front.

This is one of my favs. It's got little monkey's dancing around.
It's not very big tho - just 27" x 31". Perfect for a bassinet or stroller...

The back is a cotton print. This one sells for $35.00.

We go from small to much larger. This is a twin sz - 69.5" x 85.5".
This one sells for $100.00.

Again, the animal theme - this time we're cooking?

The pattern is called Turning Twenty. 
You use 20 Fat Quarters (1/4 yd pcs of fabric) to make this. 

The back is an off white cotton. 

Again, bright 2.5" strips. The quilt club had an exchange, 
so you ended up with a real assortment of strips. 
This one is 53" x 53" and sells for $45.00.

Close up of the corner. I see fish, and bugs, and giraffes, OH MY!

The back on this scrappy quilt is a pretty purple. 

Let me know if anything strikes your fancy. 
And if not, perhaps I can custom design something for you.
Just ask!!