Friday, October 11, 2013

Lauren & Natalie

Lauren and Natalie are sisters, and my brother's daughters. My nieces.

Forgive me if I'm repeating myself, but I made a promise that I would try to have a quilt for all my children, including my nieces and nephews, by the time they graduated from highschool. 
I'm not quite finished yet - 7 down and 3 to go!!

Lauren received her quilt  in 2006, well before she graduated from high school. 

This is the Turning Twenty pattern, using 20 FQ's (fat quarters) for the quilt top. 
I believe this was a FQ bundle, where a manufacturer puts in a cut of all the fabrics made to go in a certain series. They are then re-cut and pieced, and randomly sewn back together for this scrappy look. 

(I think she's hiding behind the quilt, on the stairs...)

The label says it was given to her on her 16th birthday, in 2006. The back is stars - on black. 

The border on the front matches the fabric on the back, and the binding. 
I didn't quilt this particular quilt, and unfortunately, I don't remember who quilted it for me. 
There are cool stars and swirls throughout though. 

 Natalie received her quilt in 2008, also on her 16th birthday. 

This fun quilt was the result of a class I believe I took 
at a quilt shop that is no longer in existence. :-(

(Again, we're hiding behind the quilt...)

I'm sorry I didn't put the name of the pattern on the label. 
This quilt is so fun I think I'd like to make it again, but I can't remember the name, 
and haven't been able to track down the pattern. 
So sad. Lesson learned - always put the pattern name on the label!

You can see the quilting on the back - and yes again, I'm clueless as to who did the quilting for me. 
That information should also be on the label!!

(Just so you don't think I'm not really making the quilts because I'm not quilting these myself - it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to wrestle a full sized quilt under a standard sewing machine to quilt it. I have done it, and it's no fun. You could actually hurt yourself trying to maneuver all that heavy fabric under that small arm. 

I know, some people do it and they do it very well, but not me. I'll stick with the smaller ones for now, thank you. Besides, the gals with the long-arm sewing machines have to make a living, too.)

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