Friday, May 4, 2012

I start here

Why Blog and why now? I'm not really sure. It's not like I'm sitting around with lots of free time on my hands. I spend a good deal of my days babysitting my grandson, keeping student account financial records for a high school marching band, looking after the busy schedule of a 16 year old, holding an officer position in a quilt club, keeping the household running, and sewing/quilting every extra minute I get.

All I can say is I suddenly seem to have a need to keep a better record of the quilts I make, especially the ones I give away. (The shoe box with photos just isn't cutting it anymore - no pun intended.)

My latest quilt, a little baby quilt, was an experiment that I documented with photos and directions so I could remember how I made it. It seemed like a good idea - and it was a lot of fun.  (Being a photojournalist for 8 years before retiring 2 years ago makes me extremely fond of my digital camera. But that's another Blog for another day.)

One of the ladies in the quilt club I belong to (the Piece & Happiness Quilt Club) asked me if I was going to post the directions for my little baby quilt after our Show & Tell.  I guess that's when the Blog seed was planted.

Now a disclaimer - although I have a personal Facebook page and created one for the Piece & Happiness Quilt Club,  I'm NEW to this whole Blog thing. Please bare with me as I try to figure out how to navigate these new waters.

I'll post a photo of the little baby quilt, just so you don't think I'm a phoney. But since it's already after midnight, I think I'll wait to try to figure out how to post the directions. There. I've started the Blog. :o)

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