Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baby Ella's Quilt

A very special little baby girl, Ella, was recently brought into this world, parented by a lovely young lady and her remarkable husband. I had the honor of knowing Ella's grandmother through my church family. She was a wonderful woman - kind, generous, and brilliant in the ways of God. I loved to listen to her talk about Scripture and the Bible. She radiated love and made everyone in her presence feel special.  I wish I had known her better.

God took this amazing woman home just months before her granddaughter was born. I know she is smiling up in Heaven, because her daughter has brought an angel into this world. And I hope as Ella grows up she will have this quilt to wrap herself up in - a hug from me.

I made Ella's quilt before I really thought about starting the Blog, so there are no real directions on how to make it or photos of the process. It is a Rag Quilt made from flannel and bound with a satin binding.

I did snap a photo of the pieces cut, before I put them together.

 And this is Ella, on the finished quilt. Isn't she an angel?

God Bless you Baby Ella, and your mommy and your daddy! You are indeed a very special little girl.

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