Saturday, June 30, 2012

B's Baby Quilt

 This is "B", short for Brennen, and he's sitting on the back side of his baby quilt. 

B is my first grandchild, the son of my first son and his wife. He's just a few months past his 
second birthday in this photo, and he's holding his lovey "Peng". Peng is his sleep-time buddy. 
Some babies grow attached to a special blanket or soft toy; B's attached to a penguin. 
Just shows how unique and special he is!

 Before B was born and before we knew he was going to be a little boy, Gramma (me) started 
working on his baby quilt. I chose pastel  colors, whimsical characters and a soft yellow 
flannel for the backing, all to keep my first grand baby happy, cozy and warm. 

 It was made using the "quilt as you go" technique. Each little block was made and quilted individually, 
then put together with all the other blocks using fabrics strips (the blue around the yellow flannel). 
This block holds the quilt label.

 There are frog blocks,

 and dog blocks

 and bunnies and lambies and kitten blocks. 
In between the character blocks are blocks made up of 
jellyroll strips (2 1/2" strips of different patterned fabrics). 
As I made blocks and laid them out for the design, the quilt grew and grew. 
It ended up being much larger than a crib quilt.

 This is B's dad holding it up at the baby shower. 

And this is "B", all wrapped up in his baby quilt!
Don't you just love that smile!!

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