Friday, May 17, 2013

Noah's Quilt - or What to do With our Favorite T-shirts

T-Shirts are funny things. They seem to multiply in our drawers. 
One day we open the top drawer and out pop thirty T's that just won't fit back in again. 

We wear them for all occasions -  we dress them up or we go casual, sometimes we even sleep in them. We love our T's. We collect them for all our activities including our sports, our social groups, our favorite bands, our school clubs. We have them from the time we are babies until we're senior citizens. There are t-shirts for just about every occasion, in every color and for every aspect of our lives. Some have such special meaning and fond memories for us that they are irreplaceable. They might be too small and have holes, but for very personal reasons, they aren't going in the trash!

So what do we do with all those T's you ask?  Come on now - you're talking to a quilter! You know, the people who never throw away even a 2" piece of scrap fabric!!  WE MAKE A QUILT!

Noah is my nephew, son of my SIL. He lives in another state, and sadly we don't get to spend much time with him or his family. So when it came time to make a high school graduation quilt for Noah, I was clueless as to his taste in color, pattern, fabrics, etc. And really, he's a guy, so even if we lived close and saw each other every day, I probably still wouldn't know what he preferred.

That's where my SIL came in. I asked if she thought he'd like a T-shirt quilt (or Memory Quilt as they're sometimes called). She brought me some T's to use. As difficult as it was to "borrow" t-shirts from his drawers and feign ignorance when he wondered where that particular shirt disappeared to, she managed to pull it off and brought a nice selection.

The T's are cut, framed, quilted and sewn together in blocks.

Hey, that's me! We were having "Show & Tell" at the quilt club I 
belong to and someone took my photo.

And this is Noah after opening his quilt. I think he likes it! 
Love you, Noah!!

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